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August 11, 2011

Here's how it stands...


Cleansing Storm is in post production, with the release date guesstimated to be around September/October 2011

Better Angels - hopefully release in October with viewing at The Robinson Film Centre in Shreveport, LA

The Merchant -  The prequel should be finalized within the next two weeks.  We will begin principle shooting in late October and into November.

Straw Dogs (the first movie I've been in as an extra) will be released on September 16, 2011.  If you look really close (and quickly) you might see me and my beautiful bride during the tailgating party scene....maybe!

Playing the Field - I am calling my part a featured extra because I should be getting some good screen time at the reception party scene.  We'll see.  It's in post-production with no release date set...yet.

Straight A's -  Another featured extra part.  No release date yet...


There have been a couple of others, but I don't currently have any info yet.  I'm also being ever vigilant in looking for additional parts anywhere in East Texas, Shreveport/Bossier, Dallas, Houston. Austin, New Orleans, etc.   As they say, "use me, abuse me, just don't lose me!"

Meisner Acting Classes

I am very happy to report that I am currently enrolled in Meisner I Acting Classes through TASA Studios - The Art and Soul of Acting, in Shreveport, LA, with Mrs. Mary Thoma as director/teacher/guru.  I began the first of September and will complete the course in December 2011.  I am very excited about these classes.  I am working with some incredible talent.  I'm hoping that, upon completion of this course, I will better hone this craft and will find additional work, as well as a reputable Agency that will be willing to represent me. Exciting times!!!  Just remember - "Be in the moment!"

Fall - 2012

This acting thing is going pretty darn good!  I've been very blessed to have been given many opportunities.  The latest are:

 A new commercial from Fairfield Studios where I play "Uncle Bob".  The client is Owner Builder LA.  It was a great shoot and the end product was loved by the client!

 I am working closely with a possible agent - Darcel Morano Talent Agency.  Big hopes for the future!

Who knows what the future will hold...whatever it is, I'll be ready!

Spring - 2013

Wow.  How blessed I have been since this journey began.  I have met some incredible people and have enjoyed working a lot in this awesome industry.  I have had the experience of seeing me on the big screen in a major movie as an extra, going on an audition for another major movie, and seen several shorts and one feature in which I starred finally finished and off to the festival circuits.  I have at least two more shorts to film, as well as a few "possibilities".  As I said, I have been truly blessed.  Now, to find an agent for Louisiana and/or Texas!!!

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